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In my paintings of nudes, the gracefulness and tension of the female figure are portrayed with an emphasis on line and the strong use of color. The figures are often drawn within a context of other cultures and historical eras. My purpose is to express the feminine soul in its universal and eternal aspects.

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Nude on Wood
Title:  Nude on Wood
Medium:  Acrylic on wood
Date:  August 2004
Size:  12" x 22 1/4" (on backboard)

Size of piece:  9 1/2" x 19" (approx)

Price:  $800

I found this piece of wood in the gutter of a street near my house. Looking at the shape, I immediately knew what to do with it. The wood sat on the floor under a table in my atelier for several years before I made my vision a reality. Nothing has been done to alter nature's sculpting of the wood. It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.


Title:  Lilies
Medium:  Acrylic
Date:  August 2005
Size:  22" x 38"
Price: SOLD

The Waterlily

Title:  The Waterlily
Medium:  Acrylic
Date:  November 2001
Size:  34" x 28"
Price: $ 1,000

Return of the Earth
                        Goddess II

Title:  Return of the Earth Goddess II
Medium:  Acrylic
Date:  February 2000
Size:  30" x 40"
Price:  $ 1,200

Return of the Earth
                        Goddess III

Title:  Return of the Earth Goddess III
Medium:  Acrylic
Date:  October 2000
Size:  30" x 36"
Price:  $ 1,200

The Red Hair

Title:  The Red Hair
Medium:  Acrylic
Date:  March 2005
Size:  17 1/2" x 15 1/2" (Framed)

Size of picture: 16" x 14"

Price: $ 500


Title:  Spring
Medium:  Acrylic
Date:  March 2005
Size:  13" x 15" (Framed)

Size of picture: 12" x 14"

Price: $ 400


Title:  Hope
Medium:  Acrylic
Date:  July 2007

Size: 23 3/4" x 27 3/4"
Size of picture:  22" x 26"
Price:  $ 900


Title:  Luminescence
Medium:  Acrylic
Date:  October 2008
Size:  28" x 38"
Price:  SOLD


Title:  The Lustral Basin I
Medium:  Acrylic
Date:  February 2009
32 1/8" x 42 3/8" (Framed)
Size of picture: 30" x 40"
Price:  $ 800

All designs and images Copyright 1999-2010 Lynne Hartman